Scag SW Belt-Drive Walk-Behind

Scag’s first belt-drive Walk Behind mower, a revolution was started in the commercial mower industry.
A fundamental element of any commercial cutter fleet, the SW belt-drive walk-behind continues to prove its worth through its simple design and efficient operation.

Twin power belts maximize drive performance in all weather conditions. With the spring assisted EZ Grip hand controls and the reliable Peerless five-speed drive system, you can expect trouble free, productive performance.

The 5-speed transmission features 9-spline coupler construction for added durability and longevity. And with the exclusive Advantage™ and Velocity Plus™ cutter decks, you get the perfect cut, the first time, every time.

SW32-14FS SW Walk Behind; 32″ Cutter Deck, 14hp Kawasaki 481FS air-cooled engine
SW36A-14FS SW Walk Behind; 36″ Advantage Cutter Deck, 14hp Kawasaki 481FS air-cooled engine
SW48V-14FS SW Walk Behind; 48″ Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, 14hp Kawasaki 481FS air-cooled engine
SW52V-15FS SW Walk Behind; 52″ Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, 15hp Kawasaki 541FS air-cooled engine

SW32-14FS, SW36A-14FS, SW48V-14FS, SW52V-15FS

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